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There are several advantages to owning your own home. While buying instead of renting is not for everyone based on your current circumstance, there are far more benefits to homeownership over the long haul. Continue reading and discover three significant reasons why you should buy and not rent.

Cost stability and savings

One of the biggest issues people have with renting is that a tenant does not have control of whether the price goes up over time. Many renters are under the misconception that once they agree to move into a place they are locked into a set price for years to come. Once your lease ends, your property can choose to increase the price of your rent, which may be out of your budget. With homeownership, you are in more control than renting because you can calculate and set your mortgage payment. Homeowners have peace of mind that their mortgage will stay the same until it is paid in full. Also, in many cases, homeowners pay less in mortgage payments than renters do in rent. The reason for this is because rental properties are in business to make money and will need to increase their prices for their business to be profitable. 

Homeownership is an investment

One of the major benefits of homeownership is that it is a financial investment. A mortgage allowers a homeowner to pay off their home over time, but it also allows them to build equity in the property, and the price of the value of the property may go up over time as well. With this, homeownership is a significantly better long term investment than renting. 

Ability to customize

When you rent an apartment, house, or condo, you are typically limited in what you can do with the living space. Some property owners have restrictions on your ability to paint, put in new carpets and new appliances, or even hang items on the walls. When you are a homeowner, these restrictions do not exist. You can customize your home to your exact liking to make it your own.

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